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Compass Rose Concierge Plan

What is Compass Rose?

The Compass Rose Concierge Plan is an annual membership designed to streamline travel planning for Ms. Guided Travel clients who take frequent domestic and international trips throughout the year. 


Is Compass Rose right for me?

You take several trips each year, both across the globe and in your backyard

You manage a busy schedule, so the less effort you need to put into planning, the better

You prefer travel that's customized to meet your travel goals

You're not the type to stockpile personal days--your next trip is always just around the corner!

What are the benefits of membership?


Premiere access to coveted destinations

Proactive expert planning is always on in the background, which means someone is always on the lookout for the in-demand experiences that interest you. Plus, with year-round travel advice, you'll never miss a bucket list opportunity.


100% stress-free travel

No more last-minute scrambling. Forget the endless back-and-forth. Your travel details are on hand, your preferences are understood, and help is just a text away. All you need to do is enjoy the trip!

More expert time for your dollar

Membership signifies a commitment from Ms. Guided Travel to dedicate all the resources necessary to ensure every trip is unforgettable.

Next-level tailored experiences

Having full access to a trusted partner and advisor who understands what you love and loathe about travel means your needs are anticipated, suggestions are relevant, and details won't be missed.

The Simple Details

Unlock priority services and enjoy a next-level commitment to all your travel needs. Annual memberships start at $1,850. 

It's that simple. 


Sound interesting? Let's chat more about it!

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