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Ms. Guided Solidarity

Everyone Welcome!

From nature's diverse landscapes to the diverse natures of humankind, the world is a beautiful and endlessly interesting place for us to explore. Unfortunately, many areas of the world have yet to reflect equality in their laws and social attitudes toward all lifestyles and genders, so having a knowledgeable, allied advocate in your corner to navigate these considerations every step of the way is a tremendous value.


Equality and safety in travel are top priorities of Ms. Guided Travel. As a subscriber to IGLTA and a multitude of other LGBTQ & women in travel resources, I am committed to keeping current on issues impacting female & LGBTQ travelers.


At Ms. Guided Travel, Everyone's welcome. And I think you'll find this inclusive, friendly, and dedicated approach to people, human rights, and travel planning translates into the best possible experience for everyone.



Helpful Resources For LGBTQ Travelers


Man About World's LGBTQ Guide To Travel Safety

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