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5 Great Reasons To Vista Costa Rica In June

Costa Rica has much to offer for your vacation any time of year, but June is an especially great month to visit.

Let us help you plan and create your personalized dream vacation! 1. Avoid the Crowds and Experience Even More at a Great Value June is a great time to avoid the peak holiday crowds and experience Costa Rica at your own pace. Fewer travelers make for lower prices and more availability at some of our favorite locations throughout the country.

2. Join Monkeys on the Move The best places to see monkeys are Tortuguero National Park, the Osa Peninsula, and Manuel Antonio. Monkeys are always on the move, looking for food and making mischief! Costa Rica is home to 4 species. The White-Faced Capuchin, the Mantled Howler Monkey, the Central American Spider Monkey, and the Squirrel Monkey. We’ll take you where you’ll see them in their natural habitat, doing what monkeys do!

3. Fall in Love with Sloth Babies The best place to see sloths is Tortuguero National Park. Costa Rica has two species of sloths, the Two-Toed and the Three-Toed Sloth. Mothers have babies year-round and carry them on their belly until they begin to venture out on their own.

4. Meet Humpback Whales on their Migration Every year Humpback Whales migrate from South America to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica to calve. They begin passing by the coast in early June. Join a whale watching excursion to meet them. If you travel at the end of June, you have great opportunities to see them.

5. See the Jewels of the Forest One of the best places to see a variety of hummingbirds is the Monteverde Cloud Forest. Their delicate plumage is an inspiration to jewelers around the world.

Let us create an extraordinary experience for you with maximum pura vida!



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