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Ms. Guided Travel Tip: Mindful Matters

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

”People are forever asking me where I get my ideas, but one has only to listen, to look and to live with awareness. As I have said in several of my stories, all men look, but so few can see. It is all there. Waiting for any passerby.” – Louis L’Amour

In today's digital age and our excitement to share our experiences with the world in real time, it’s easy to breeze by what may be the most valuable part of traveling – connecting with the experience and taking in the extraordinary moment of where you are. Perhaps this is why often times the anticipation of a trip is more exciting than the actual trip itself. Our imaginations are in overdrive up until departure which can then become just a series of “doing”.

The next time you find that “doing” is siphoning from your “being”, try using the simple acronym “STOP” to find your way back to mindfulness. S for “stop”, T for “take a breath”, O for “observe” and P for “proceed with mindfulness”. It’s a quick, easy way re-center and bring all your senses back to the present moment – moments that have the ability to pay back in dividends throughout the rest of your life!

For the ultimate in mindful travel, consider a custom-designed retreat by a travel professional that specializes in wellness escapes, like Ms. Guided Travel. For as little as $25 a day, you can have a personal concierge that helps make your experience smooth, simple and stress-free from beginning to end!

Mindful Matters



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