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I can't think of a better example of a life-changing experience than solo travel. This is my all-time favorite type of travel. I started down this path more out of necessity than choice. Friends & family were not always available or willing to travel when I was & my bucket list wasn't getting any shorter waiting around for a companion. So with a good deal of self-pity & resistance, I booked my first solo trip.


What I anticipated would be a barrage of embarrassment, sadness & amplified feelings of loneliness, turned into a fantastic journey of self-discovery. I gained stronger self-confidence, learned to enjoy my own company, defined how I like to spend my time and at what pace, made peace with quiet & uncomplicated thoughts, realized what I wanted most out of my life & independence. I learned to be my own best friend. 


Another perk is that you get to indulge in experiences that are truly authentic to you & your liking. You are in complete control of your budget also.  


Something else I discovered is that ironically, it's a great way to make new friends because you're not focused on only your group of companions.


Additionally, it shines a light on just how many kind, compassionate people there are in the world. Anytime I've met someone my instinct tells me it's ok to tell that I'm traveling alone (you learn to rely heavily upon that instinct), they have offered to go out of their way to help in any way possible should I ever need it & look after my safety.


The owner of the B&B I stayed at in Bogata, Colombia told me she would look after me as if I was "her own", & boy did she! No matter what time I got back in the evenings, she was up waiting for me in her robe & slippers, with a warm plate of delicious home-cooked food. She hand-picked the drivers she put me with & mapped out all the must-sees. I came home from that Colombia trip with a small stack of business cards & pieces of paper with numbers scribbled on them from the people who offered to look after me & follow up with when I got home.


If someone would have told me in my earlier years that one day I'd be traveling alone &  to places like Colombia & Africa & that furthermore, they'd be some of the greatest experiences of my life, I would have been in complete disbelief! 


If this is something you've been considering, please do contact me. I can help create a safe, authentic solo experience for you too. Also know that just because you're traveling solo, doesn't mean you have to be "alone". There are a few different ways to link up with other independent travelers for activities, meals, etc. Fill out an Inquiry Form for a free consultation & for fun, take the "What's your Solo Style?" test below.     


Me too! Solo traveling, particularly for females, is a personal passion, and I endorse it at every available opportunity. It's a terrific way to get to know your strengths on a totally different level and the liberated feeling that accompanies it is like no other. No matter what degree or type of solo traveler you are, I can expertly craft an ideal itinerary, custom fit for your comfort and experience level. Find your individual solo style below and then contact me for inspirations. Chances are you'll identify with more than one!




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