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Wherevr you go, there you are...

Feeling especially adventurous? Want to get away but are overwhelmed by where to go or what to do? Want to add an extra punch of excitement to your trip? A Ms. Guided Journey has your name all over it! There is much, much more to come on this page and we're particularly excited about providing this service. However, the Ms. Guided Journey needn't be a mystery in the us for your password to get this ultimate adventure going today! 


After all, it's all about the journey, not the destination, right?

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If you are interested in travel planning, please include your travel occasion, desired dates, number of travelers & the destinations you're considering. Please kindly note I am currently accepting new clients with a minimum travel budget of $400 per person, per day, before air. Professional fees may apply and are assessed according to trip complexity. Please visit the Fee For Services page or write or call 480.620.4012 to learn more about retaining my services. 

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