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Cowgirl Upscale!

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

About 75 miles south of Missoula, lies the luxurious Triple Creek Ranch, an award-winning, all-inclusive, adult only, luxury ranch resort in Darby, Montana offering everything from cozy, one bedroom cabins to luxury ranch homes. Every October, they hold a 6-day signature event called, "Klicks for Chicks", where women from all over get together to learn cowgirl and riding skills on the trails under the 'Big Sky'.

This all-women’s ride is for ‘chicks’ only. While traveling companions are welcome to the many exciting activities and luxurious accommodations Triple Creek Ranch has to offer, cowgirls will venture into deep canyons, over mountain passes, past crystal clear lakes and through pristine meadows to discover the ‘last frontier’ and wilds of the Rocky Mountain West, making this an ideal occasion for female solo travelers and girl trips. As the adventure progresses, riders return each evening to the ranch where the home fires burn and cocktails, gourmet food and luxury cabins await. Another great way to unwind is with an in-cabin massage offered by the resort. After a restful night, cowgirls mount up and venture out for another day on the scenic ‘Big Sky’‘ frontier.

Cowgirl-Up for Parkinson's!

Triple Creek Ranch will donate a $1 for every mile ridden by every cowgirl. The Ranch is sponsoring the Montana-based, non-profit organization, Summit for Parkinson’s, sister foundation to the Brian Grant Foundation, in order to raise funds and awareness in the community.

A fireside awards ceremony at the home of Triple Creek Ranch’s owner, Barbara Barrett, will follow the last day’s ride.

Included in this adventure are a Triple Creek Ranch gift and stories to re-tell for a lifetime.

Don't hold your horses

This event sells out fast! In fact the original event scheduled for October 6-21 has already sold out. However, in order to accommodate passionate cowgirls, Triple Creek Ranch is now offering an additional, limited space Klicks For Chicks event the weekend of October 9-14. If you're interested in attending, contact Jessica Avery at to reserve your spot and take advantage of additional Virtuoso Amenities.

The resort also has a “cowboy school” that offers more detailed riding instruction and horse care. Additionally they offer the following events a activities all throughout the rest of the year:

- Spring Branding and Cowboy School (April 18 to 22) - During this weekend, guests are invited to join us for their annual spring branding and either pitch in to help the ranch hands or sit back and enjoy the action!

- Artist Workshop Weekend (May 2-5 & Oct 10-14) - Montana provides the beauty, they supply the art supplies ~ all you need to bring is your spirit of adventure and desire to create!

- Adventure Horseback Ride (year round)

- Lewis & Clark Trail Riding Adventures (year round)

- Dog Sledding (Winter)

- Fly Fishing (year round)

- Cattle Drives (year round)

- Team Penning (year round)

- Scenic River Floats With Fly Fishing (year round)

- Whitewater Rafting (June-September)

Whether you're saddling up for a solo adventure or a girls getaway, this resort and it's unique Western adventures are sure to put the giddy-up back in your step!



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